THIS BABY WORKS!:The SunTwister retails on the suntwisterusa web site for $25 and sells in stores for $19.95 & up. :If you are considering any other anchor, the Suntwister is clearly worth a few extra dollars. I’ve learned that pretty much, give or take, you get what you pay for. :Tired of chasing your umbrella down the beach?:All other anchors on the market have only one or two small threads at the bottom to allow turning into the sand. The SunTwister has 7 large threads from bottom to top. Would you use a metal or wood screw with only one or two threads at the bottom of it to hold anything?:Tested up to 40 MPH wind gusts. Beach concessionaires are using them for their rental umbrellas.:Can be used for large or small beach umbrellas, fishing poles, camping tent poles, badminton/volleyball poles.:Specifications: Maximum Pole Diameter: 1.74″. An adapter is included for smaller poles.:Length: 17″:Weight: 1.5 Pounds:Comes with light 2 handle bag plastic bag.:The Suntwister is made from heavy gauge plastic-no metal to rust, comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, & is easy to use for men, women, & children.:RETAILERS: PLEASE ASK FOR WHOLESALE PRICE STARTING AT 24 UNITS.:I am the Florida Distributor (on web site listed above) and have hundreds of units in stock at all times.:Makes a great gift.

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